Job: Technician

Required Qualifications: Basic understanding of building construction and applicable codes, cable installation experience, and ability to handle day- to-day processes on a job site.


  • Installing various size (pair count) copper cables and various size (strand count) fiber optic cables. Using the correct method of installation based on the specifications outlined by the cable manufactures and industry codes.
  • Terminate copper cables using the manufactures specifications and industry standards.
  • Terminate fiber optic cables using the manufactures specifications and industry standards.
  • Responsible for daily activity of apprentices on the job site and other associated activities dealing with a particular job site (filling out daily job sheets)
  • Responsible for some interaction with the customer.
  • Responsible for all product and tool inventory control on a small job site and any issues that arise with these items.
  • Testing all copper and fiber optic cables based on specifications of the scope of work.
  • Preparing your time sheet for payroll (which requires signatures from any supervisor that you performed work for in the week).

If you would like to apply for this position, please contact us.